Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain Hook TMC 5263 #12
Thread Black 6/0
Body Foam or neoprene black.
Hackle Dry Fly Neck Negro
Wing Poly Yarn White

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Fly Fishing in Spain


This section will be brief and very easy. Despite the high quality of the fly fishing that we carry out here, the equipment we employ to make sure that our operations are a success, is minimal and this makes it very interesting.

Most of our fishing activity is done at the river banks, and that is why, uncomfortable fishing suits will not be necessary. You will only need a pair of trousers, a shirt and a cap and most of all you will need……comfortable trekking boots and some polarized glasses, a main key to success in this type of fishing. Including a water proof jacket in our luggage will not be a bad idea, jut in case the rains show up during the fishing activity, however this is not normal. It is also advised to carry a water bottle assuring you water reserves. As per the fishing material is concerned, we recommend fishing rod for line #6 medium-fast, and which should be 9 to 10 feet.

In some areas where there are no obstacles, and rocks where fish can seek refuge, we can employ line #5 fishing rods. Please remember that our barbels weigh between four and ten pounds.

The reel should be equipped with adequate brakes, since in just a few seconds our target catch will pull the whole fishing line and many backing meters out of the reel. The fishing lines should always be floatable given the fact that fish is catch on surface. One can choose to use double taper lines DT, though we recommend the use of Weight Forward Lines WF, this will make it easier to throw lines to a medium-long distance.

As regards the leaders, we should take into account that these can vary in length depending on the speed of wind and the fly-cast quality. The length will vary between 10 to 17 feet although under normal circumstances, leaders should measure between 12 or 14 feet and the calibre between 0,12mm and 0,28mm, depending fishing conditions. In the most part of the occasions we use 0.20 mm, better if it is fluorocarbon.

Your Fly Fishing Holidays


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Regarding the flies which we will employ, it will undoubtedly be the most difficult issue to settle. There is one fly specie which outdoes all the rest, something that is proven beyond no doubts. The imitations of big ants with wings will however be our best choice. We need at least a box with a minimum of 60 ants, which should be enough if we were to fish for a week. It is surprising how these species can easily break the fishing rods given the resistance they offer, despite the strong tippets employed, and as such it is easy to lose between six and ten flies in a day. Most of them will not be used in more than one capture given the quantity of consecutive captures. It is also very important to use special strong hooks, as the conventional ones can easily bend.

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

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