Why Fly Fishing in Spain?

At times and depending on the visibility, you will only spot a red shadow in the water. Then, fisherman should imagine the presence of the fish there. That is why we call this type of fish and our project as THE RED GHOST.

Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Fly Fishing in Spain


Ours project, 'The Fly Fishing in Spain' offer you the possibility to enjoy with the 'Ultimate Fly Fishing Experience'. In Spain is possible to fish barbel, freshwater bonefish or golden bonefish, with dry fly. We can to say what this place is a big paradise still not explored. Experience is difficult to believe, sight-fishing, dry fly, The barbel fly fishing is similar to bonefish fly fishing but on dry fly. Can you image? Even in winter! barbel fishing on dry fly is possible.

The Fly Fishing in Spain started in one Extremadura place. One day during September or October, cannot remember exactly, I had the chance to assist to what I consider one of the most wonderful nature scenes a fly fisherman can see which was the 'explosion' of wing ants.

The most amazing thing was the surface of water almost fully covered with dead flying ants. Barbel were acting as 'vacuum cleaners', with the opened mouth between surface and water trying to catch as many ants as they can.

Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

This helps me to confirm my suspicion about the way the Spanish barbel detect food, and let me gamble the fact this fish is attacking a dry fly is due they have its silhouette written on its mind, but this is just my own suspect, that has been acquired along the years I took customers guidance in this country.

Today, the clients of the Fly Fishing in Spain can to enjoy fishing barbel on dry fly. They have discovered in Spain a destination of maximum quality, of the maximum world level. Imagine a place where to fish a lot of bonefish with dry fly, to sight fishing and in shallow waters, like the fly fishing bonefish but with dry fly. That only can happen in Spain, and ours destination are the best. 'The Fly Fishing in Spain' team guides, the more experienced of the country in this technique, will make our clients fish on the best places and in the right moment.

Your Fly Fishing Holidays

Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Among ours destination are the best Spanish rivers for the brown trout fly fishing. In them, ours guides will help you to fish the enormous brown trout that feeding in the surface. Another peculiarity of Spain is the sea trout fly fishing with small dry flies. Imagine a lot of big sea trout feeding on top. The team of The Fly Fishing in Spain will show you the best Asturian Rivers, where the Spanish sea-trout go upriver like in other world river but a peculiarity; in Spain they feeding on the surface like the resident brown trout.

Fly fishing in Spain is amazing, Salmon fly fishing in Spain is unknown for the great part of the fly fishermen in the world. Spain conform the southern limit of the Atlantic salmon population. This condition allows fishing in a really special weather conditions: very good temperatures, long season. All this added to the fantastic Spanish cuisine, amazing Asturian landscape, closeness of the destination and the possibility to fish Sea Trout on dry fly, make our trips for fishing in Salmon and Sea Trout in Asturias a high quality option.

Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Our clients have the opportunity to fish in "La Figal" preserve, and especially in "La Figal Pool", considered the best pool for salmon fishing in the south of Europe. It's usual to find concentrations between 50 and 100 salmon in this pool because it is located just in the joints of two of the best rivers in Asturias (Nalon y Narcea rivers). In addition, our clients will be able to fish in this fantastic pool, a place where a Spanish fisherman have difficulties for getting tickets because in Spain, people have to participate in a lottery between around 6000 fishermen but, thanks to our management with the Asturian administration, our customers and friends will have the opportunity to fish in this paradise the best dates of the season.


Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Several years ago, and after a long struggle and lots of effort, our team discovered the greatest paradise ever known where it is possible to fish barbel using the DRY fly fishing technique. During the trial period, one of our team mates captured 76 barbel in one day. That means around 400 pounds in total. Today, if the fishing day is right, our most technical customers can get until 18 catches in one day, being habitual fishing days over 10 big barbel per fisherman with dry fly.

Come to Spain and catch the barbel, our Spanish Bonefish, only dry fly! Your best holidays in

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

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