Why Fly Fishing in Spain?

At times and depending on the visibility, you will only spot a red shadow in the water. Then, fisherman should imagine the presence of the fish there. That is why we call this type of fish and our project as THE RED GHOST.

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Fly Fishing in Spain

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Freshwater Bonefish (Spanish Barbel)

Ours project, 'The Fly Fishing in Spain' offer you the possibility to enjoy with the 'Ultimate Fly Fishing Experience'. In Spain is possible to fish barbel, freshwater bonefish or golden bonefish, with dry fly. We can to say what this place is a big paradise still not explored. Experience is difficult to believe, sight-fishing, dry fly, The barbel fly fishing is similar to bonefish fly fishing but on dry fly. Can you image? Even in winter! barbel fishing on dry fly is possible.

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Brown Trout (April, May, June, July, August, September and October)

WILD TROUT (BROWN TROUT) - In Spain we have, due to his mountain orography, thousands of kilometres of quality trout rivers. Between them, we can stand out the León rivers, authentic paradises for de trout fly fishing, and cradle of the famous feather of "Gallo de León".

Big trouts in Spain fly fishing The hot character of the Spanish Rivers, proposes ideals places with magnificent eclosion of flies and long periods of "surface activity" for the trout.

¡And the best!, ¡In Spain, we can enjoy a great spectacle!
¡ENORMOUS TROUTS EATING ON THE SURFACE! Like the ones of this pictures.


Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Salmon Fly Fishing In Spain

Salmon fly fishing in Spain is unknown for the great part of the fly fishermen in the world. Spain conform the southern limit of the Atlantic Salmon Population. This condition allows fishing in a really special weather conditions: very good temperatures, long season, good water temperatures… All this added to the fantastic Spanish cuisine, amazing Asturian landscape, closeness of the destination and the possibility to fish Sea Trout on dry fly, make our trips for fishing in Salmon and Sea Trout in Asturias a high quality option.

Our clients have the opportunity to fish in “La Figal Pool”, considered the best pool for salmon fishing in the south of Europe. Concentrations between 50 and 100 salmons in this pool are normal due of this pool is situated just in the joints of two of the best rivers in Asturias (Nalón y Narcea Rivers).

Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Sea-Trout (June, July and August)

Sea-Trout (REO) - The best and most complete Fly fishing discipline for the most demanding fishermen. If you are not just interested on figures, and you are looking for the most intelligent and difficult trout fishing, this is your destination.

North of Spain, and more accurately in the "Asturian" rivers, you can find what could be considered the best places in the world for fishing with dry fly. The characteristics of the "Astures" rivers, quite warm compared with the rest of European rivers situated north most, generates an incredible environment for the Seat Trout population to have an amazing habit, to feed on surface like any other trout worldwide.

Dry fly fishing only
World top fishermen like Pascal Cognard or Robert Escafre have defined the fly fishing of "reo" in "Asturias" as the most pure and amazing fishing discipline they've ever done.

At today's days, many of Fly fishermen, from all over the world, are absolutely in love with the fishing of the Sea Trout in Asturias, probably the most beautiful and complete that man can practice.

If over all we add the spectacularity of the environment and surroundings of the incredible Asturian rivers where the Spanish Sea trout lives, we get the perfect place for the most demanding fishermen.

Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Black Bass and Pike Fly In Spain

We operate the best locations for Black Bass and Pike fishing in Spain. Our destination is located in Badajoz in the Spanish Siberia area, fishing in numerous big reservoirs situated around the lodge.

In this destination, you will enjoy the support of a fully equipped boat with cold drinks and wonderful local food on hand.

In addition, with the barbel areas located near the lodge you can fish for barbel with the dry on the same trip. In Siberia, our customers can get, pike, black bass and the barbel grand slam as three different species can be found: luciobarbus bocagei, luciobarbus comiza y luciobarbus microcephalus.

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

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