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This section will be brief and very easy. Despite the high quality of the fly fishing that we carry out here, the equipment we employ to make sure that our operations are a success, is minimal and this makes it very interesting...

Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

Fly Fishing in Spain


Spain is among the most reputable tourist destination worldwide. The reason behind these phenomena is undoubtedly its climate, very welcoming temperatures and a rich landscape, crowning it all with a wide range of arid scenarios (quite a number of "westerns" have been shot in the deserts within the Province of Almeria) and the most prolific and fertile areas of Asturias and Galicia, are part and parcel of this success. The fact that this is in the peninsular, surrounded by the sea, with an exception of the Pyrenees, makes it ideal for the lovers of the sunny beaches. We should however not forget that Spain has an important concentration of mountains. Thanks to these mountains, the nation can boast to have several kilometres of rivers and huge lakes and dams where fishing can be practiced. Nevertheless, despite the fact that we have magnificent scenarios where fishing diverse species is possible, our country has never consolidated itself as a solid destination for fishing in the international arena. We can however observe that this has changed now. Thanks to an initiative and the illusion of a group of fishermen who have come up with a project "The Red Ghost", we can assure you that Spain has some of the major, original and high quality destinations, which can be offered to fishermen worldwide.

Your Fly Fishing Holidays

Since some years in the past, and to be precise in 'Extremadura' there has been a unique site. This is a place which gives you a chance for fly fishing our main actor 'The Red Ghost'. The best captures will always be witnessed in April, May, June, September, October and November (Low Season: December, January, February and March), captures that can be compared to the best worldwide. Big fish, incredible fights and best of all, through DRY FLY FISHING, all that under the mantle of a warm climate, a unique characteristic of our country, as opposed to the cold autumns in other fishing destinations.

Our exclusive fly fishing destination, was recently discovered. The huge range of possibilities it offers are practically unexploited, with an exception of the study our team has been carrying out in order to prove the feasibility of our project.

You have the best chance to enjoy a breath taking adventure! This year's expedition, assures that all our clientele will enjoy the privilege of fishing in this magnificent scenario, where the captures are guaranteed. You will experience all this within a high quality luxurious hotel where you will have a unique chance to taste the best of the Spanish cuisine and enjoy a very distinguished treatment.


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After having explained the excellence of the Red Ghost, now we can embark on the most impacting part. The whole fishing experience is carried out using the DRY FLY FISHING TECHNIQUE. Just imagine a whole six pound Bonefish, slowly catching a fly on the surface! Do not imagine, you have a perfect chance to try it. Not catching just one but a dozen of them , all of them in big sizes and day in day out. The speed at which they catch the fly is so slow that at times the fisherman can be in a verge of exasperation, with the unique satisfaction, at long last you can remove the fly from the mouth of the fish.

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

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