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At the moment Bonefish or Macabi alongside with Salmonidos, are undoubtedly the most demanded by fly-fishermen all around the world. They are very tough opponents and besides they can be fished in shallow waters, on surface and within the most beautiful surroundings. The Red Ghost will offer us the best in Bonefish. These are fish that are tremendously identical, though as regards 'Barbels' gold is the dominating color. Fishing this species is similar to the previous; locations of fish and banks, tails that emerge from the water surface, and we shall be able to place the flies right on top of the fish's mouth. The result in this case is something spectacular and emotive. A great explosion in the water and the rode seemingly escaping from the reel at the highest speed.

Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

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Your Fly Fishing Holidays in Spain

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